Rafael Nadal Becomes 7th man Who Won All Grand Slam Titles

After beating Novak Djokovic in US open 2010, Nadal joined the group of all grand slam tennis winners, before Nadal 
Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, Roy Emerson, Rod Laver, Don Budge and Fred Perry are already won 4 grand slam titles. 

Nadal beat Djokovic in 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, and 6-2. The rain interrupts the final but rain couldn't stop nadal's victory.

Congratulations Nadal.

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Wilson Pro Soft Overgrip is slippery and offers a soft feel

This Wilson Pro Soft Overgrip has equally pros and cons. Most of 4.0, 4.5 players doesn’t like this grip because most of they said this grip is bit slippery and tend to get blisters. Also one of my friend said that when he hit the ball, the racket slips and causing shot to fly everywhere. After playing couple of games this grip turn to blackish color which makes it look dirty.

But some player feel the advantages of this grip like they feel very soft feel and also it absorb the sweat, also they said that they can play the entire match without changing the grip.

This comes with 3 grips pack, with black, gold, lime, orange and white colors. You can buy this with nearly 5$.


Head Murray Monstercombi 6 Pack Bag, Murray’s Choice

Actually you can see this bag on US open 2010, that why I decide to write a review about this bag. This is fully loaded bag made out from top quality materials. There is a special racket compartment features CCT (Climate Control Technology) in simple words this compartment can use to protect your rackets from extreme heat or cold. 

Altogether you can carry up 3-9 rackets (without covers) these compartments. Theirs is a large compartment for you to carry some addition clothes, shoes etc. Also there is a built in drink pocket. Also there is another large side pocket for your extra things (wet cloths, balls). Also this has very comfort backpack allows you to carry this easily.  Dimensions: L31 x H12.5 x D17.5 and comes with Orange/Black color. This can buy nearly 75 $. Buy and enjoy.


Luxilon Adrenaline 16 Tennis String offering Crisp feel

Actually players who using this racket said that this String gives more Control; also player who like power can take big cuts at the ball and can put the ball within the court. Also players who using Babolat pure Drive this is very good gut. Also when hitting the ball it gives more comfort and off the racket very crisply.

But some of players who using this gut got some elbow discomfort, they recommend use this string as hybrid. Also junior tennis players also said that this is very good gut to improve their skills for next level.  Also best thing is this is very cheap; you can buy this nearly $10. So if you willing to buy this, Gut got gauge 1.30mm, length 12.2m, Composition with Liquid crystalline polymer, Construction with Monofilament and comes with color grey. Hope you guys enjoy with this. 

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TECNIFIBRE X-CODE 17 Tennis String gives soft and Control


TECNIFIBRE X-CODE 17 Tennis String gives soft and Control

Tennis fans and players this is good news for you, a new tennis String brand cane to the market, I’m going to review about one of that String brand. Tecnifibre X-code 17 is the String that I’m going to review.  So this comes with color black with length 40 feet and the gauge of this is 1.25mm. The best thing of this String is Soft feel while playing. 

Unlike polyester it’s not harsh on the arms. Also players using this String said this gives very good control and always keep the shots inside the baseline. Composition of this is Polyurethane/Polyester   Multifilament. You can buy this for nearly 17$. Hope you’ll enjoy with this.


Nadal with 2010 FIFA World cup winners Spain team

These are some cute and nice pictures, I found in the internet that Nadal taken pictures with Spain Football team. Most of the pictures have taken with Iker Casillas (Spain foot ball team captain & Goal Keeper). Actually this is Spain’s first FIFA world champion, so there are celebrate it with a world class Tennis player Rafael Nadal.