Wilson Tennis equipment: Stylish Wilson Vibrafun Vibration Dampener

This is one of the best Wilson products. Main reason for using vibration dampener is to reduce the vibration when the ball hit the racket. This is very stylish vibration dampener famous among the tennis kids. This dampener has Gamblers, Girls & Boys, Nuclear, Skull and Bones styles. This product comes with two packages of above styles.

Most of the players, who using these dampeners said that “this dampener reduces the ping sound” but it don’t dampen any vibration. Most of the kids like this because of its style.


Pete Sampras Mini Ball Port, Ideal partner for your Serve & Ground Strokes.

This Ball port made of polypropylene with metal handles and this is very light weight, so most of the players like this very much. This ball port is easy assembly. When you are practicing with the lot of balls, this ball port gives a great support for you to collect balls because it picks up balls easily. The rolling bars at the bottom roll the ball easily in to basket so this ball port does it job really well. Altogether this Pete Sampras mini ball port is very durable, light weight, Strong practice partner for you.


Tips to Play Tennis In Wind

Playing Tennis in wind whether is very difficult task but if you take the advantage of wind it leads you to win the game easily. With the wind the game will be somewhat difficult to play, I think best way to take the advantage of wind is “stay calm” that means you have to play a brain game and play a disciplined game. You have to put more concentration to the ball.

The main reason you miss a shot in wind is your poor positioning and timing. If your body is in the right place then you can hit the ball perfectly. Best thing is your footwork use to beat wind; first read the direction of the wind and then take small steps then you can move faster and can change directions very easily because in wind the ball is going to move and it will came to the racket before you expect. Also the ball will shift. So if you want to be an aggressive player you have to prepare any whether to play tennis so keep improving your footwork and reactant speed.

In the wind, you have to adjust your shots according to the wind. Before you play the game, do some warm up practices in that weather. Also when you playing play more angle shots and take the advantage. Also early preparation for the shot is a key thing whiles you playing in wind. Also try to play topspin shots and Drive the ball hard it’ll be helpful to you to win. Serve well and the drop shot is difficult to play in windy weather but if you able to play drop shot it’ll be more advantage for you. In wind if you missed lot of shots then play over the middle of the net. Became physically strong and keep your mind calm, then you can play smart tennis, also don’t go to play more risk shots. These tips will help you to win under windy condition.


Amazing Top 10 Tennis Points

This is a amazing video. Best top 10 tennis points are inside this video. Best tennis point won by hewitt played a amazing rally with Federer. Nadal, Murray and other world class players also inside this video.

Wilson Centre Net Strap

The “Wilson” Center Net strap is most popular Tennis center net strap. It colored in white color and nearly cost 10$.By using the Zink slide for we can adjust this strap very easily, and for quick installment can the double ended snap. Also this is very durable. During the play this strap is not slip & stretching, so the net height will not be changed.


Gosen ProForm Tuff 15L Natural String-high comfort at a Low price

This string feels similar to the synthetic gut but this is very cheap string. This may cost around 1.69$ & this is high selling gut all over the world. This string is good for all around performance. Gauge of this is 1.37mm and 40feet long. This is made out from Nylon solid core with one outer wrap. I would not recommend this gut for aggressive players. This gut has good control and power also good for flat & spin shots. Also this is very durable string. Most of the high school players like this gut as low price with good performance.


World Class Tennis Technique for learn Tennis from basics

In this book, this is very good book for learn tennis from basics. Most brilliant players & world class coaches teach you Tennis techniques inside here. If you want to improve your tennis game to modern game I recommend this book for you. The world class players gave their advice for each and every stroke inside this book. Also all the pictures of strokes are in full colored. Other than the strokes footwork techniques, positioning, how to choose a good racket for your style, how to play in different surfaces are included in this book. Most of the reader of this book said that “If you’re a student of the game you must read this”. For the advanced players I don’t recommend this book because this book contains too many definitions. If you want, detailed about tennis read this book.


Head Junior Tennis Net for your future Tennis player

This Net length is 9 feet and the height is 3 feet. That dimension allows your kids to feel like they are playing on the real tennis court. This net is easy to setup and carry so your kid can play anytime anywhere. This whole set up of a net comes with a Carrying case. Also this is very durable. With this net your kid will more happy while playing tennis and this is very good way to learn Tennis from basics.