Adidas Men's CC Genius Novak NY Tennis Shoe

This shoe is Novak Djokovic’s first shoe; this shoe is very helpful to him for his aggressive all court game. In this shoe it has adidas’ SureCut technology; it helps players to provide the stability for fast lateral cuts. CLIMACOOL offers 360 degree venting to keep feet cool and comfortable. This shoe weight 15.7 ounces (445g)(size 10.5). And it comes with 3 colors pure steel, high orange, metallic silver. Also this shoe is has good durability, abrasion resistance, shock abstraction. Also this shoe helping the athlete to maintain quick cuts, fast footwork and changing the direction. Most of the players like this shoe because of the comfort, stable, mobility. Some players said that only bad thing of this shoe is that they wear down really quickly. This shoe has six month warranty. This is priced around 120$.

Wilson K Factor Kobra Tour Racket

  • Size: 6(Fast & length)
  • Head size: 100in2
  • Length: 27 in
  • Weight with strung: 325 g, Unstrung: 309
  • Balance: Strung: 32cm Unstrung: 31cm
  • Recommended String: Wilson premium String
  • Recommended grip: Leather
  • String pattern: 16x19
  • Tension: 53-63lbs
  • Stiffness: 60
  • Composition: 100% [k]arophite Black

This racket has Low-medium power Level and Moderate-Fast Swing speed. This racket is suitable for new generation of aggressive tournament players. This has a combination of power, spin and accuracy with [K] technologies. The shape of the frame and hoop help this racket to cut through the air efficiently and making swing speed. There is plenty of stability offered with this racket. With this racket it is easy to produce fast swings and can hit balls deep into court consistently. For the volleys also this is an excellent racket with solid volleys with excellent placements. As the weight of the racket it’s easy to generate hard flat serves. String pattern helps to control and spin the ball when hitting to the serves. Most of the users said that with this racket their serve, volleys, spin improved. This racket price around 180$ & this racket not come with cover. The top ten player “Jo-Wilfried Tsonga” also using this racket.


Foot Fault in tennis

Foot fault

The basic rule is the server should be behind the baseline and between the center mark and the sideline. Also if the feet touch the ground inside the base line before the strike the ball, the umpire will called foot fault. Also if feet touch the wrong side of the center mark or the feet touch the wrong side of the imaginary extension of the sideline, then the umpire will call foot fault. If the server’s first serve is a foot fault he/she has the second chance to serve as the normal fault.

Serena got a foot fault in US opens


KFactor Surge Wilson Racket

  • Size: 5(Medium)
  • Head size: 100in2
  • Length: 27in
  • Unstrung: -Weight: 279g, Balance: 33cm
  • Strung: -Weight: 295g, Balance: 34cmGrip size: 4-4-5/8
  • Cross section: 26mm Flat Beam
  • Recommended string: Wilson Premium String
  • Recommended grip: True grip
  • String pattern: 16x19
  • Tension: 53-63 lbs
  • Composition: 70% [k]arophite Black / 30% Graphite

This racket is very spin friendly racket. When hitting topspin and slice ground strokes and serves, the players found good action on their shots. Also this racket is very good for placement shots. This racket has excellent manoeuvrability; it helps easy access for racket speed & impressive pace and spin off the ground and on serve and this racket is very comfort and stabilize. Also this is a light weight racket. The players who need high weight racket this is not suitable. This is a very good racket for intermediate level players seeking a blend of mobility spin & control from their racket.

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Best of Sania Mirza

Name: Sania Mirza
Birth day: Mumbai, India
Nationality: Indian
Height: 153cm
Weight: 59kg
Residence: Hydrabad India
Interest: Swimming, Music


Plays: Right handed (double handed back hand)
Coach: C.G.K. Bhupathi
Favorite court: Hard
Began Tennis: When she was 6
Ambition: To be top 20 in the world
Favorite player: Steffi Graf

Sania is a professional female tennis player in India. She started tennis when she was 6 years. She started professional tennis in 2003 and she is the only player who reach 4th round in Grand Slam @ US open 2005.
Once in the interview Sania said “My mother took me to a coach, who initially refused to coach to me because I was too small” After one month time the coach called to her parent and said that he’d never seen a player that good at such a young age. In her career she beat 2 top 10ranked players.

Awards & Best Achievements

2009-Australian Open mixed doubles title (Partner Mahesh Bhupathi)
2008-Asia No: 1 player and ATP 29th
2006-Padmshree Award by Government of India (Highest civilian awards in India (youngest achiever won this award age 19))
2006-Gold medal in mixed double, silver medal in Singles and silver in women’s team event @ 15th Asian games
2005-Newcomer of the year from WTA
2004-Arjuna Award by Government of India
2003-First and youngest Indian player won the Junior Grand slam title

Prepare to go School

Sania Mirza with Mohammed Shorab Mirza after their engagement in Hyderabad


Scoring tie break in Tennis

I think you already know about the normal scoring way of tennis. So tie break means if the score of both players become 6 that mean score reach 6-6, the players have to play the tie break. The first player, who scores 7 point, wins the game but winning player must win by 2 points (ex: 7-6, 8-10).

By checking which player, who would serve the next match in regular play gets one service. He has to serve in ad side. Then give the next player two services. He has to beginning serve in the deuce side. In tie break scores point by point. Players have to change the side by total point equal to 6, so first side change doing after put 6 services in tie break.

In 1965, the tie break was invented by James Van Alen, and 1971 it introduced to the Wimbledon tennis.

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Most Amazing Tennis Points

This point taking is amazing, most amazing points took by nadal, nearly 15 amazing point takings in this video guys watch this it's amazing.


Wilson nCode Six-One Team Racket

Features of this racket is, Head size of this racket is 95 in2 (613 cm2), Weight is 289g, Balance 330mm, length 27 inch, String pattern 18*20 ,Stiffness 59 and Beam is 21 mm Straight, also this has power rating 5. This racket perfect for all-around players and this nCode technology for better feel and improved stability. As the thin beam, low stiffness and small head make this a brilliant control racket. With Strung this racket weight approximately 309g. This racket recommended for advanced junior players or aggressive players with well developed techniques. This racket not requires players to way around the court. So this Wilson nCode Six-One Team Racket is light and well balanced racket. You can buy this around 100$.

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Adidas Barricade V Tennis shoe for women

This shoe is suitable for women tennis players. This shoe has white, Metallic Silver and pure Cyan colors. This cost nearly 90$. Also Adidas give a 6 months warranty for this shoe. This is very durable, cushioning and also good fit to the foot. This shoe has Synthetic leather upper for light weight and durability. You can increase your skills with Barricade 5 on your feet.

You can buy it online and if you using this shoe share your ideas.