Wilson K Pro Tour White/Orange Super 6 Tennis Bag Best Selection For Pro Players

This racket bag has easy access curved opening, and also convenient access to main compartments. This bag’s thermos and moisture guard technologies are help to keep your rackets and other stuff (shoes, water bottles, towels, balls) safe. Main features of this bag are, a large side accessories pocket and also plush padding in shoulder straps. The bag has reinforced split handle. This racket bags easily carries up to six rackets so this is 6-pack bag (combi bag). It’s a great looking bag in white and orange that provides the latest style and function all in one. This bag also makes a great gift for anyone who’s looking to match his or her k factor rackets. Now PVC free for lower environmental impact. This bag is very suitable bag for players who like to carry 2/3 backup rackets.


Tennis Elbow Game 2009

Tennis Elbow 2009 game is a great game for tennis fans, has 8 different court surfaces, clay, grass, hard, blue-green hard, classic synthetic, New line synthetic, indoor hard and indoor synthetic. Also 300 tournaments, with 3000 players evolving over 35 years and Singles & doubles competitions also included. This game has 6 difficulty levels, each split in 10 sub levels so the player can get maximum fun. This game has a ranking system same as ATP rankings. All the graphics are 3D.Also LAN network gaming also acceptable. Games supported six languages (English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Dutch, Spanish).

Tennis Elbow is the only game that will you such an impression to be on the court, and will make you feel the emotions of the match with such realism. In this game play will let you easily control the player and the ball, and even if you’re not a tennis fan, you will have a lot of pleasure and fun to run and strike balls all around the court. With its online mode you could play against other real human players in fantastic online tennis matches.

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU: 500 MHz Intel Pentium 2 or equivalent.
  • RAM: 256 MB.
  • Video: 32MB 3D Card.
  • 115 MB available hard disk space.
  • 200ms ping for online tennis games.

Recommended Requirements

  • CPU: 1.2 GHz or faster Intel Pentium 3 or AMD Althorn processor.
  • RAM: 512 MB or more.
  • Video: 64MB 3D card.
  • 60ms ping for online tennis games.


Roddick's Best choice BABOLAT Pure Drive GT plus

  • Head Size: 100 sq. in. /645 sq.cm.
  • Length: 27.5 inches / 70cm.
  • Strung Weight: 11.7oz / 332g.
  • Balance: 7pts Head Light.
  • Stiffness: (Babolat RDC): 73.
  • Cross Section: 26mm Head / 23mm Throat.
  • Swing Weight: 336.
  • Swing Speed: Moderate-Fast.
  • Grip Type: Syntec Grip
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
  • String Tension: 55-66 Pounds

This racket has good Stability and power with ample control and excellent access to spin. The added length adds some serious swing speed to the tip of the racket, which result in huge amount s of spin and power on aggressive swings. From the baseline this racket offers excellent plow through. Stability at contact is impressive, making it a solid choice for advanced level players who frequently face big hitting opponents. Likewise, this stick enables the user to hit a heavy ball. Long, fast swings result in shots with excellent court penetration. Short balls can be dispatched with lots of pace and spin with this racket. The recommended strings tension at 58. I recommend going with 58, which is the middle tension and adjusting it as you play with it. If it’s too powerful, then increase string tension. If it’s too stiff and has no power then decrease the tension. At net the racket offers a high level of stability and plenty of power to punch volleys deep with pace. The feel is solid targeting on both deep volleys and short angled shots. When it comes to serving, this racket shines. Roddick is famous for hitting bombs, and there’s no doubt why he uses this racket. Best suited to advanced level players. GT Technology, a combination of flexible graphite and stiff Tungsten, puts little more flex through the racquet upon contact. Cortex technology remains to keep vibration from reaching far up your arm. This racket’s price around 189$.Buy and try this racket.


Nikolay Davydenko biggest title of his career

Nikolay Davydenko became the first Russian to win the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals with a brilliant display against Argentina's Juan Martin del Potro.

More highlights

Interview with Nikolay after the final match


Adidas Men's CC Genius Novak NY Tennis Shoe

This shoe is Novak Djokovic’s first shoe; this shoe is very helpful to him for his aggressive all court game. In this shoe it has adidas’ SureCut technology; it helps players to provide the stability for fast lateral cuts. CLIMACOOL offers 360 degree venting to keep feet cool and comfortable. This shoe weight 15.7 ounces (445g)(size 10.5). And it comes with 3 colors pure steel, high orange, metallic silver. Also this shoe is has good durability, abrasion resistance, shock abstraction. Also this shoe helping the athlete to maintain quick cuts, fast footwork and changing the direction. Most of the players like this shoe because of the comfort, stable, mobility. Some players said that only bad thing of this shoe is that they wear down really quickly. This shoe has six month warranty. This is priced around 120$.

Wilson K Factor Kobra Tour Racket

  • Size: 6(Fast & length)
  • Head size: 100in2
  • Length: 27 in
  • Weight with strung: 325 g, Unstrung: 309
  • Balance: Strung: 32cm Unstrung: 31cm
  • Recommended String: Wilson premium String
  • Recommended grip: Leather
  • String pattern: 16x19
  • Tension: 53-63lbs
  • Stiffness: 60
  • Composition: 100% [k]arophite Black

This racket has Low-medium power Level and Moderate-Fast Swing speed. This racket is suitable for new generation of aggressive tournament players. This has a combination of power, spin and accuracy with [K] technologies. The shape of the frame and hoop help this racket to cut through the air efficiently and making swing speed. There is plenty of stability offered with this racket. With this racket it is easy to produce fast swings and can hit balls deep into court consistently. For the volleys also this is an excellent racket with solid volleys with excellent placements. As the weight of the racket it’s easy to generate hard flat serves. String pattern helps to control and spin the ball when hitting to the serves. Most of the users said that with this racket their serve, volleys, spin improved. This racket price around 180$ & this racket not come with cover. The top ten player “Jo-Wilfried Tsonga” also using this racket.