All court tennis

Clay court

A Clay court, it is made from crashed shale, stones or bricks. At The Roland Garros they use clay courts to be unique in Grand Slam titles. In female category Justine Henin is the most successful player in clay court, Male category Rafael Nadal is the most successful player. He wins 81 clay court wins between April 2005 and May 2007. This clay court is most traditional way and cheaper way of making a tennis court. But the maintain cost of a clay court is high, because Clay courts need to be rolled to preserve the flatness and its water content must be balanced. Clay courts favor the full western grip for more topspin. Clay courts are slow because ball bounces high and slow. So clay courts heavily favor baseliners who are consistent and are generally more defensive. Drop shot is one of more powerful weapon in clay court.

Grass court

Grass courts are made of rye grass in different compositions depending on the tournament. As a example Wimbledon 100% rye grass, in grass courts the maintain cost is more higher than hard court and clay court. The grass court should be reseeded every year. Grass courts are more common in England. Because the court often slippery the ball often skids and bounces low, rarely bounces rising above the knee height. As these cases the players must reach the ball faster, so the power is rewarded on grass. Most grass courts heavily favor serve and volley players. Wimbledon is the most prestigious grass tournament. There are seven outstanding players in the grass Venus Williams, Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Steffi Garf, Martina Navratilova, Bjorn Brog and Billie Jean King.

Hard court

Hard courts usually made out of asphalt, in these courts fast hard hitting players have a sight advantage. Hard courts are faster than clay courts but slower than grass courts. Depending the amount of sand added to the surface the ball fast can vary. U.S. opens (acrylic) and Australian opens (Synthetic) are the Grand slam titles playing @ the hard court. Main different between acrylic and synthetic is level of hardness. This courts can players cause for injuries.

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