Venus Williams Wears a Racy Dress in Roland Garros 2010

In Roland Garros first round match, Venus Williams VS Patty Schnyder, The seven time Grand slam champion came to the court with wearing a lacy; block dress with bright red trim on her bodice. The black overlay material made the dress appears as if it was see through, even it was not. Venus won this match 6-3, 6-3. Also she said that she comes to the tournament with 8-10 outfits.


Topspin Cyber Blue Tennis String 17

Most of the players who use this string recommend that this is very good string for topspin and control. Also who seeking power this string is better. Topspin Cyb-er Blue String 17 is very arm friendly string. The composition of this string is Polyester and the color is Ice Blue. Also Gauge is 1.25mm and length 40 feet.

When you playing tennis this string offers you very good power and spin but they are not durable and lose tension quickly, that is a small bug of this string. Also if you put high tension (like 62) to this string, it will give excellent comfort with your all strokes but it will brake soon. Most of the strings made out from Polyester feel great on ground strokes, volleys but bad for serve but Topspin Cyber Blue String 17 gives same comfort as other polyester string also this allows for a great serve. Most of players gave very good comment about this string, try it. Also this is very cheap string, you can buy it for nearly 9$.


Bosworth Fox Dual Taper Tennis Racket for Fun Hitter

Actually this is not a common racket with most of the tennis palyers because this is not famous racket among people. This racket comes with unstrung  and the unstrung weight is 312g. In this racket the dual tapered frame features a 102sq. Also to increase stability of the middle of the racket the inch head size and widens at 3 and 9 o,clock. Also this racket got Varioflex technology,  by using that technology, shocks and vibration upon impacts are reduced before reaching to arm.  Also this designed to be aero dynamic, stability and power are increased. You can buy this racket for 60$, great for fun tennis.


Nadal Funny Pictures

Rafael Nadal is very active tennis player and currently holding the world rank 2 title. He is the master of clay. He won the Madrid open 2010 beat Roger Federer 6-4 7-6(7-5), with this win Nadal increase his rank world rank 3 to world rank 2. Nadal has won 168 of 174 matches on clay since 2005. So Nadal is a great form for Roland Garros, which starts in next week. This is some crazy pictures of the master Nadal.


Powerangle Pro Tennis Racket with Diagonal String Pattern

The best feature of this racket is the diagonal string pattern. This is unique racket in the market as its diagonal string pattern.  All power angel rackets feature equal length strings that run though the stringbed.16x16 diagonal string pattern is in the racket. This is a normal regular racket like other rackets excluding the string pattern. This racket got good power and also ball jumps off with lot of spin and speed.
This is very spin friendly racket. With the string tension 67lbs this gives more control and power (it depends on players). With the volleying also this racket gives good control. And also with the serve also this gives very good power and spin. In powerangle pro two rows of diagonal mains and no crosses provide the power and a super-wide string pattern allows you to shape the shots. Good news for tennis elbow guys is this is good arm friendly racket.
Do you fear to trying something different? Is this common brand name? But this racket is a winner. Summarize of this racket is this is great racket, Amazing   on arms—no any pains, Great spin, and good controllable power.  On the court Pro feels very comfortable with easy access to pace on a long swing. Recommend for 4.0+ players.

Babolat RPM Blast 16 660 Tennis String Reel, Best Players Choice

This is very soft and comfortable string. Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga are the pro player who using this string. Most of the young players think that this is very stiff string and only a pro player like Nadal can use it, which is wrong. This string creates very good spin and good control. The best thing of this string is, can drop the ball like a stone at the last second.
This is a better String than Pro hurricane tour. Babolat RPM Blast 16 660 Tennis String reel has length of 200m and gauge 1.3mm. This is come with color black. This is an ideal choice for big hitters seeking more control and spin. If you want to beat players who beating you this is for you, give a try.  


ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 Tennis Racket Solve Your Arm Issues

If you want to solve your arm issues? ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 Racket is best racket for it.  This racket is very suitable for 4.0 to 7.0 players. Most of the players who using this racket said that this is a good racket for power and control also this racket equally well at the base line. This is very old racket provide update versions. But with the updates this racket gives very strong performance. Most players using this racket said that this racket gives good spin. ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 gives good pace and weight in ground strokes and serves. Also for topspin and volleys this ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 Racket provides good stability and comfort. I recommend this is for seeking very arm friendly racket with all court shots. ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 not comes with a racket cover. 

If you are a player who doesn’t have very fast swing I recommend 52-53 string tension to get good power. Some disadvantages of this racket is when ball contact the racket it give some funny sound, but using a dampener can solve that issue. Also at the nets this racket not gives comfortable for players (By adding a lead tape sometimes can solve this problem). So with the Cons this racket is very good for baselines, counter punchers, also who had wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries.