No Break-in Time Weiss CANNON MatchPower 16L Orange String

The players who using Weiss CANNON MatchPower 16L (1.25) Orange String told that it has 60% good qualities and 40% bad qualities. As a player who willing to buy this mostly thing about its bad quality so first started with bad qualities. Some players told me that it doesn't offer much "feel" and also extremely rigid. Also players who play with more of a slice/dice/finesse i don’t recommend this gut.
Good qualities are overall this is very good string for the price. The best thing is it doesn’t need “break-in” time (Rare quality for polyester). 55-60lb is the good tension for this gut and baseliners love this gut with its comfort and control. Recommended gut for young players who like overall performance. Some features of this gut are Gauge: 17 / 1.25mm, Length: 40 feet / 12.2m, Construction: Polyester Monofil. This comes with orange color and you can buy it for 8.5$.