Pacific Classic Natural Tennis Gut 16 for Minimum Tension Loss

Most players using this gut said that this is very good gut for who seeking additional comfort from a natural gut and the best thing of this gut is minimum tension loss as I mentioned in the title. This is great change from the synthetic and players may realize quicker, acceleration and control with this gut.

This gut Gauge is 16L, length 41 feet and color also natural. This gut contains the TripleSeal technology (a special component of 3 different sealing processes for a clear and durable natural gut). This prized as nearly 27$ but this gut is Great value for the prize. Actually this is one of the best Natural gut for optimal comfort and durability.

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Pete Sampras Tourna Vibration Dampener, Cheap and Best

Pete Sampras Tourna Vibration Dampener is cost around 3$. As it is coming with the 2 packs I think this is very cheap for their quality. Most of the player using this dampeners said this is excellent for reduce the shock and easy to install. Some players said that after some hard shots this dampener get loose but it can be easy to adjust.
Some players using this dampener said that red one is softer than the black one, but you can use this as you wish. While playing with this you will hear a nice pop off. Also most players like this donut shape.
 I will recommend this dampener for 20x18 string pattern because most of the players complaining about falling this occasionally but also they said though this is falling occasionally, this are best. 
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Mindset for Tennis Read Think to win-Allen Fox

Allen Fox- Think to win is a great book for learn Tennis from beginning. The author of this book Dr.Allen Fox is a former world class tennis player. In his career he achieved NCAA championship, Wimbledon quarterfinal and 3 times member of U.S Davis cup Team. Currently he is coaching tennis and gives consultants to tennis players.
As his experience and knowledge about mind leads a new approach of winning a game. So this mainly focuses on winning strategies of a tennis game. Also this book is a mindset book for tennis player, After read this you will think in a different angle in the match like as an example this book teach you where to hit the ball, when, how hard, Which strokes to choose under what conditions, How to attack an opponent’s weaknesses and How to play percentage tennis.
Actually this book not tells you all about grip and how to swing the racket for top spin, slice, etc. As an example this book said “if the ball lands in this area you have this option, this options are high percentage and this options are low percentage” and goes into details about certain scenario.
This book is published by 1993; with length 234mm and width 188mm also weight 399g.  This book contains of 208 pages and prized nearly 17$.

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