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Rafael Nadal interview and match highlights after loosing at Roland Garros 2009

King of Clay out from roland garrows.


tennis elbow treatment

Tennis elbow means the outer part of the elbow become sore and tender. It is associated with playing tennis and other racket sports. This injury can happen anybody. Symptoms of this injury are

  1. pain on the outer part of elbow
  2. When wrist extension and lifting movement the wrist hurt
  3. Morning stiffness

30-60 age players have the peak incidence. The treatment for this are

  1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  2. Heat or ice

These are the basic treatment for tennis elbow. After the basic treatment we can go for the scientific support with heat therapy, physical therapy, etc. Also we can do some good exercises to prevent this. Watch the video.


All court tennis

Clay court

A Clay court, it is made from crashed shale, stones or bricks. At The Roland Garros they use clay courts to be unique in Grand Slam titles. In female category Justine Henin is the most successful player in clay court, Male category Rafael Nadal is the most successful player. He wins 81 clay court wins between April 2005 and May 2007. This clay court is most traditional way and cheaper way of making a tennis court. But the maintain cost of a clay court is high, because Clay courts need to be rolled to preserve the flatness and its water content must be balanced. Clay courts favor the full western grip for more topspin. Clay courts are slow because ball bounces high and slow. So clay courts heavily favor baseliners who are consistent and are generally more defensive. Drop shot is one of more powerful weapon in clay court.

Grass court

Grass courts are made of rye grass in different compositions depending on the tournament. As a example Wimbledon 100% rye grass, in grass courts the maintain cost is more higher than hard court and clay court. The grass court should be reseeded every year. Grass courts are more common in England. Because the court often slippery the ball often skids and bounces low, rarely bounces rising above the knee height. As these cases the players must reach the ball faster, so the power is rewarded on grass. Most grass courts heavily favor serve and volley players. Wimbledon is the most prestigious grass tournament. There are seven outstanding players in the grass Venus Williams, Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Steffi Garf, Martina Navratilova, Bjorn Brog and Billie Jean King.

Hard court

Hard courts usually made out of asphalt, in these courts fast hard hitting players have a sight advantage. Hard courts are faster than clay courts but slower than grass courts. Depending the amount of sand added to the surface the ball fast can vary. U.S. opens (acrylic) and Australian opens (Synthetic) are the Grand slam titles playing @ the hard court. Main different between acrylic and synthetic is level of hardness. This courts can players cause for injuries.


Tennis Excersizes


amazing tennis shots from rafael nadal


tennis prize money leaders(women)

Current Tennis players who win the most prize from tennis. Serena Williams @ the leading money holder and her sister Venus got 2nd place and ElenaDementieva got the 3rd palce.

Rank 1. Dinara Safina -Russia- $7,321,494
Rank 2. Serena Williams-USA- $24,000,02
Rank 3. Venus Williams-USA- $22,764,763
Rank 4. Elena Dementieva-Russia- $11,261,738
Rank 5
. Jelena Jankovic-Serbia- $7,300,102
Rank 6. Vera Zvonareva-Russia- $6,191,592
Rank 7. Swetlana Kuznetsova-Russia- $10,877,002
Rank 8. Ana Ivanovic-Serbia- $6,753,904
Rank 9. Victoria Azarenka-Belarus- $2,649,023
Rank 10. Caraline Wozniacki-Denmark- $1,577,875


tennis prize money leaders(Men)

For the current playing ranking order we can categorize the money from tennis,
Roger Federer Leading money holder.2nd place goes to Nadal and 3rd place goes to Andy Roddik.

Rank 1. Rafael Nadal-Spain- $24,910,508
Rank 2. Roger Federer-Switzerland- $46,588,210
Rank 3
. Andy Murray- Scotland- $7,306,740
Rank 4. Novak Djokovic-Serbia- $12,291,794
Rank 5. Juan Martin Del Potro- Argentina- $2,735,915
Rank 6. Andy Roddick- USA- $15,724,962
Rank 7
. Gilles Simon-France- $3,030,129
Rank 8. Fernando Verdasco-Spain- $4,155,382
Rank 9. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga-France- $2,691,008
Rank 10. Gael Monfils-France- $2,635,147


wimbledon winners

Pete Sampras @ the Top

2008-Rafael Nadal
2007-Roger Federer
2006-Roger Federer
2005-Roger Federer
2004-Roger Federer
2003-Roger Federer
2002-Lleyton Hewitt
2001-Goran Ivanisevic
2000-Pete Sampras
1999-Pete Sampras
1998-Pete Sampras
1997-Pete Sampras
1996-Richard Krajicek
1995- Pete Sampras
1994- Pete Sampras
1993- Pete Sampras
1992- Andre Agassi
1991- Michael Stich
1990- Stefan Edberg
1989- Boris Becker
1988- Stefan Edberg
1987- Pat Cash
1986- Boris Becker
1985- Boris Becker
1984- John McEnroe
1983- John McEnroe
1982- Jimmy Connors
1981- John McEnroe
1980- Bjorn Borg


nadal girlfriend

Nadal and His Gf @ the beach..

tennis backhand

One handed backhand

Two handed backhand


tennis forehand technique

You can tennis fore hand from basics by watching this

Rafael Nadal

Full Name: Rafael Nadal Parera

Born: Manacor, Mallorca, Spain

Residence: Manacor, Mallorca, Spain

Birth Day: 1986 June 3

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 178 lbs

Sign: Gemini

Tennis Career

Plays: Left handed, two handed backhand

Shoes: Nike air max Breathe 3

Racquet: Babolat AeroPro Drive

Grand Slam Titles: 6

Olympic Gold medal Single 2008


Roger Federer

Born: Basel, Switzerland

Birth Day: 1981 August 8

Residence: Switzerland

Height: 6’1” (186cm)

Weight: 187lbs (85kg)

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Brown

Hobbies: Sports (golf, soccer, Skiing), friends, play Station, Music, Playing Cards

Former Idols: Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg

Tennis career

Plays: Right-handed (Single handed back hand)

Rank: 2

Grand Slam titles: 13

Tournament Single: 58

Tournament double: 7

Olympic medals: 1 Gold Medal (Beijing 2008, double)


Best tennis rally

This match is between Roger Federer Vs L.Hewitt in Australian Opens

tennis serve

If you want to serve like nadal or Federer. learn the Tennis from basics.

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Who Wins Highest Tennis Matches Ever(Men)

He is the person who win highest no of titles and highest no of matches ever. also he selected 15 grand slam finals and win 8 of them.

Titles in open Era
1 j.Connor 109
2 I.Lendl 94
3 j.McEnroe 77
4 P.Sampras 64
5 B.Borg 62

current players
9 R.Federer 57

Open Era Match Wins
1 J.Connors 1222
2 I.Lendl 1070
3 G.Vilas 920
4 A.Agassi 870
5 J.McEnroe 867

current players
12 R.Federer 617

Prince's best-selling Shark tennis racquet


power level:1025
length:27.5 inches
Head size:110 Square inches(Oversized)
Cross Section:24mm -28mm -24mm
Balance:13.2 inche
Grip Type:Cusion Grip

This is over sized racquet.this is good for base line volley and serve play.
This comes prestrung; one year warrenty.

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On line French Open 2009 ESPN360 French Open Live Stream Schedule

Sunday,May 24,2009

Early Round Action - - 5.00 AM - 6.30 PM

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Early Round Action - - 5:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Early Round Action - - 5:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Early Round Action - - 5:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Friday, May 29, 2009
Early Round Action - - 5:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Monday, June 1, 2009
Round of 16 - - 5:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Quarterfinals - - 5:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Men's Quarterfinals - -8.00 AM - 6.30 PM

Thursday, June 4, 2009
Women’s Semifinals - - 5:00 AM - 3:00 PM

You can online watch this matches by follow this link

Tallest Tennis player in the world(Male/Female)

Tallest female player

She is Akgul Amanmuradova from Uzbekistan her date of birth is 1984 june 23.She is the tallest tennis female player ever. Her height is 6 ft 3 in.and weight is 74kg.

Tallest male player

He is Ivo Karlovic from Croatia his date of birth is 1979 feb 28.He is the tallest tennis player ever. His height is 208cm(6 ft 10 in).and weight is 105kg.


2009 Wimbledon Amazing Prizes

In 2009 the Total prize is increase 6.2% than the 2008. Also the single championship and single runner-up prize increase 13.3% than 2008. Other prizes are remains same.

Total Prize money : £12,550,000


Single Championship (Each) : £850,000

Doubles Championship : £230,000

(Per pair)

Mixed Doubles : £92,000

Championship (per pair)


Single Runner-up (each) : £850,000

Doubles Runners-up(per pair) : £115,000

Mixed Doubles : £46,000

Runners-up (per pair)


Tennis Rules (Easy to learn Tennis)

Rule1: Receiver has to stand opposite side and the cross court from the server. The one who delivers the ball first called server. The one who face the ball called receiver.

Rule2: Who serve first, Receive, chooses the side or give this choice to the opponent is decided by the toss of coin or racket. If some one won the toss and he decide to serve or receive then the opponent get the chance to select the side to start.

Rule3: When playing single match the server should stand within the boundaries of single side line and center line also behind the base line. When playing double server should stand within center line and double side line. Also if total games they play equal to odd number then they have to change their sides.

Rule4: The server should not serve before the receiver is ready. The server should have serve to the opponent’s cross court service box. If receiver plays the shot before ball bounce on the service area server get a point. If server misses his target twice a time he/she lost a point. If the ball hit the net & goes to the correct service box he get another service. If service not goes to the correct service box we called it as “fault”.

Rule5: when we consider about scoring, the server’s score always call first. If server took a point his score id 15.opponent is “love” then the points count 15,30,40 if some one reaches 40 he/she wins the game. If the score is 40-40 then it called “deuce”. Then one must win by two points. “Advantage in” means if server takes one point he/she win. “Advantage out” means if receiver wins next point he/she win that game.

Rule6: Service should have to change game by game. The one who win 6 games win the set and one who win 2 sets win the match. If the game score is 6-6 then we have to go to the “tie break”. In tie break point count by one’s the one who win 7 points win the set. If tie break also equal the one who win the tie break by 2 win the set.

Rule7: If ball goes out side, ball hits the net and drop on his court, racket/player touches the net, racket drops, hit the ball in the surroundings, ball touch his partner’s body the player who hit the ball loose a point.

Rule8: The “let” called if the ball rolls on the court or distraction of besides the players in the court. The ball land on line is good also if balls hit the net and go to the opponent court also good.

Rule9. If players serve out of turn or serve to the wrong person or court, the point or game will stand and order will be resumed following the point or game


Top 10 Tennis Players(Womens) 2009

Dinara Safina @ the top....

1.Dinara Safina -Russia

2.Serena Williams -USA

3.Venus Williams -USA

4.Elena Dementieva- Russia

5.Jelena Jankovic-Serbia

6.Vera Zvonareva-Russia

7.Svetlana Kuznetsova-Russia

8.Ana Ivanovic-Serbia

9.Victoria Azarenka-Belarus

10.Caroline Wozniacki-Denmark


Top 10 Tennis Players (Men) in 2009

$Nadal @ the Top

1. Rafael Nadal-Spain
2. Roger Federer-Switzerland
3.Andy Murray-Scotland
4.Navak Djokovic-Serbia
5.Juan martin Del Potro-Argentina
6.Andy Roddick-USA
7.Gilles Simon-France
8.Fernando Verdasco-Spain
9.Jo-Wilfried Tsongs-France
10.Gael Monfils-France

Nadal's Tennis Racket

Rafael Nadal is one of best tennis player in the world.


  • Weight(Unstrung) :300g
  • Head Size :100 sq in Beam
  • Width :22/26/23mm
  • Balance :320mm
  • String Pattern :16x19

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Tennis Court Dimensions

1. If someone need to make a tennis court these are the dimensions of the tennis court.
2. If you already have a tennis court you can check whether that dimensions are correct or not.
3. If you are a good tennis player you can get a idea about the court you play.