Jet Sling Tennis Bag (Small), for Stylish Teen Girls

This is very handy stylish tennis bag especially for teen, young tennis girls. I’m not recommend this bag for who seeking a big bag to hold everything. This bag is very good for who don’t like to carry too much. In this bag got some flower designs brings you nice old look. You can carry one oversized racket or two smaller rackets in the racket compartment. Also there are some pockets to put your other goods also. Also the special thing is this bag got the insulated pocket, which will keep your water bottle cool (check carefully the insulated pocket when you buy this bag).
This prized around $40. Also this has 20``L x 12``W x 6``D dimensions. Adjustable single sling strap with removable cell phone pocket, Quick grab side handle, front organizer pocket with zipper, hidden fence hook, ID slot, and two other compartment except racket compartment and main compartment are the other special features of this bag. Become stylish with Jet Small Sling Tennis Bag.


Nike Lunarlite Speed 2 Blue/Green, Lightweight & Stylish Tennis Women Shoe

This is very lightweight shoe with excellent comfort. This is a good shoe for competitive 4.5 players. I think with this shoe you can save your money it prized $115. This shoe comes with White, Marina Blue, Cool Mint, Electric green. This is great looking shoe that you can match with your tennis cloths. The upper side of the shoe made out from Synthetic leather for comfort and support. This shoe weight 10.7 Oz (Size 8.5) that means very light weight shoe. AS Nike said they build this shoe for speed, Stylish players to get lightweight excellent performance with this shoe.

If you are very high impact player with the court while playing, I’m not recommending this shoe. And sole of this shoe is somewhat thin and enough cushioning that is a bug.  


Babolat XS 109 Racket, for Recreational Tennis

This racket is Babolat made out for player who playing recreational tennis game. This racket got the head size 700 cm2 and length 690 mm. The String pattern of this racket is 16x20 and the strung weight is 9 oz. This is made out from 100% Graphite. 
This Babolat XS 190 is a good racket for players who have short strokes, and also this is an intermediate racket made for high performance and playability for day-today players who play tennis for enjoy.
This racket contains some Babolat technologies to increase the performance. The Smart Grip technology allows good contact with the palm and handle for comfortable grip and also increase power and control. Also this racket has XTRA sweetspot technology to increase trampoline effect and for great tolerance. This XTRA sweetspot technology allows for longer contact between ball and the string for more control.
So I recommend this racket for players who seeking good control, comfort and power for day-today tennis play. This racket prized nearly $150.    
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Solinco String Tour Bite 17, for Power & Control

Solinco is a new tennis string brand came to the market recently. This Solinco Tour Bite made out from polyester mono-filament it provides more control to the racket. So this Solinco tour bite 17 is very good string for player needs very good control and spin. This string is in square shape. This Solinco Tour Bite 17 has Gauge 17g (1.20 mm) and length 40 feet. Combines the mono-filament fiber and thinner gauge provides good pop and liveliness. This comes with color silver, and prized $11.5. Also the manufactures recommend this string for power and control.

Try this new string and do some comments  
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Fake Tennis Racket ,Babolat Aero Pro

This Babolat Aero Pro fake racket is look so same as the original racket but there are some identified errors in Fake Babolat fake racket.  When you want to buy a racket, do some research about that racket because there are so many fake stuffs at the market with very less cost
There are some differences in fake and original

  • In Babolat fake aero pro racket has heavy head. But the original racket is very good balanced racket. Like in this picture in fake racket head is heavy.

  • In the Babolat original racket all the wording of the racket contains Silver or gleam, but in fakes the wording done in dull Grey color finish. (Including logos)

  • In the fake the yellow coloring is identical and the white color is brighter. But in genuine instead of white color there is a yellow mix white color.

  • In the fake racket the Grommets are different in color. It is black instead of Grey and very low quality. Also the pattern of the grommet is different to original racket.

  • In the fake racket the TM logo is inside the grommet section but in the genuine TM logo is in outer side of the frame. And also the letter “T” like in the picture in genuine the last “T” printed inner section of the grommet grooves.

  • In original racket the butt cap is deeper red in color and contains product code.

  • Also the racket covers of fake in more lightly than original. And also the label “Aero Series” is in yellow color, but in the original the word “series” in green color also much heavier than fake cover. Also the zipper of fake is noticeably thin and very low quality.

  • In the fake racket the specs section is out of alignment. You can see the different if fake and original in the picture.

  • If you already bought the racket one possible way to check “is it fake or not”. Babolat usually has two serial holograms on the racket one is in the section of racket throat and other one in the handle, only can access to it when you remove the original grip.  

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Kim Clijsters beat Venus Williams in Miami Finals

Kim Clijsters won the Sony Ericsson Open title in Miami by beating Venus Williams. The match scores are 6-2, 6-1. This is Clijsters 2 title since coming out retirement last year. The match played 58 minutes. After this win Clijsters becomes the 10th of world rank and this is the second time that Belgian has won the Miami tournament.

After lost the match Venus said that
"Overall I'm really happy with the tournament. Unfortunately, today I didn't win the match, although I felt like this is a match I could win. Unfortunately I made it a little bit too easy. Next time around I'll play better."

Match Highlights

Control Weapon, Yonex RDS 001 Midplus Racket

This racket is very good for players who using Yonex previous versions of rackets. This gives the same Control like previous rackets. Also this racket got some new technologies added to the previous rackets. Yonex improved the “soft grommet” technology to just the 10 and 2o’clock positions of the racket face.
Some other technologies are ISO (Isometric Square Head Shape), in this technology sweet spot up to 48% larger than a traditional oval head shape. So with this technology it gives more power and control to the racket.  Some testers of this racket found that with the base line the players can hit topspin and slice very confidently. Also this racket has Hexagon Cross Section gives more head speed and maneuverability and there are some Yonex technologies also included to this racket.
This is best racket for all court players looking for great control. Most of the players who using this racket said that this racket has a very good solid and stable and produces better spin. Also this racket gives more spin with the polyester string hybrid String. Also I recommend don’t play this racket with low tension it will harm your control. And also if you are looking for racket with huge power and spin this racket is not for you.  
Very good for 4+ players. This racket never come with head cover and prized nearly 90$

Yonex racket, Yonex tennis, Yonex RDS

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