Becker BB Hero Natural 16L String for Additional power

Most of the players who using this gut said that, this is very good gut for power.Not like other natural guts this comes with orange color that is added feature of this string. When you play with this gut it gives crisp feel with your shot.

Actually this gut needed to be “broken in” time (nearly 1.5 hours) and then this gut gives you excellent playability. Most of players like to feel the natural gut features when playing, so this is the great choice for them. Also this gut featured with great shock absorption and good gut for play all areas of the court.

This gut featured with 1.27mm gauge and 40 feet length. You can buy this for 35$.

Penn Quick Start 60' Felt 12 Tennis Ball Pack for Kids under 10

Penn Quick Start Tennis 60’ Felt ball 12 pack is ideal choice for tennis coaches to train kids under 10 with mini tennis court (60 feet court). For 12 balls you have to expend only 19$ with Penn. Actually most of the tennis kids under 10 is like to play with very stylish balls so this is great training material.

The problem for coaches to train kids is they can’t rally the ball for longer periods, but this ball gives great visibility and good control for kids so they can play with these balls easily. This 12 ball pack comes with nice carrying sack and i think this is ideal selection for tennis coaches.


Dunlop Biamimetic Red 10 Pack Bag Thermal Insulated

The main features of this bag are the thermal insulted main compartment and the mass storage. The thermal insulted compartment can use to protect your racket in hot conditions and also you can put up your drinks. For comfort journey with this bag there’s a padded and adjustable backpack straps, middle grab handle and quick grab handle. Another added feature of this bag is there are two accessory compartments you can use to put up your Strings, Dampeners, and Mobile ect...

Small problem is there’s no any separate compartment for shoes, but you can use one of accessory packet or other compartment for this. Two main racket compartments featured with this bag and one can hold 3 rackets and other can hold 2 rackets. You can buy this nearly 80$ and comes with Red, Black, white colors.


Prince NXG Silencer Vibration Dampener Review

This dampener is not very famous among tennis players, because this is somewhat new to the market. If you’re searching for a cheap Vibration dampener with good shock absorption in the Stringbed, I recommend to buy this and give a try. This dampener mostly suits to Prince Rackets (with other rackets also work fine). 

This Prince NXG Silencer Vibration Dampener fits to the racket very fine and not often falls, so you can play with good stabilize mind. This comes with clear, glow in dark and tie dye colors and you can buy this nearly 2$.

Head Microgel Midplus Radical Tennis Racket Review

If you’re finding a quality racket with cheap prize this is the best solution for you. It gives very good feel and control with your ground strokes and serves but little bit issue with power. Not like other head radical rackets, in this racket swing weight is very light, therefore fast. Highly recommend lower tension, it will reduce the impact of the arm and performs better.

Some players complained that bit stiff in this racket while playing. So recommend removing the strings it comes with and put a decent string (Select good String).that is first thing you should have to do when you buy this racket. Also it may took little amount of time to used with this stick, so be calm. Overall very impressive stick and it'll improve your game in ways that will surprise you.

Some features of this racket are head size 98 Sq.In, Length 27 in, Strung weight 312g, Stiffness 57, composition Micro gel/Graphite, Spin speed fast and Low power. You can buy this nearly 90$ and it doesn’t comes with a racket cover. 


Head Super Comp Tennis Over Grip Great Moisture Absorption

Head Super Comp over grip is a great choice for moisture absorption and also this is tacky Overgrip. In simply this is all around grip for cheap prize (Nearly 3$). My friend using this with Wilson BLX Six one tour and it feels well for him. Also this grip gives very soft feel because it is very thin grip. There are 3 grips in a pack so 1 grip cost you only 1$. You can buy this with Black, Blue, Orange and white.

If you looking for all around grip with good moisture absorption, highly recommend this over grip.

Yonex Ultimum RD Ti 80 Tennis Racket gives Heavy Feel

This racket is mostly suits to 5+ players and not for beginners. If you need somewhat heavier racket with all the qualities I think this racket is your best choice. It does everything for you if you’re an active player. Most pro players using this racket said that this stick best for hitting drop shots, Slice, and heavy topspin shot also for volleys.

If you’re beginner, with this racket you feel some stiff feel and heavy so beginners don’t use this racket. But for 5+ players this is very secret weapon can use because if you have perfect ball timing, head speed and good control with the ball then you can play very comfortable and stable with this stick(Racket helps to play your full game). Some players like this racket because of its great cosmetics.

This racket featured with 12.1oz (343.03g) weight, head size, length 68.58cm and String tension 55-65lbs. You can buy this for 180$ and if you’re good player you must try this stick.

Boris Becker Stripe Super Tennis Overgrip Review

Most of the pros using this said that this is tacky and comfortable Overgrip. Also grip is somewhat cool and it will help prevent so much of sweating on hands and also because of this cool effect during the hot days players can play very comfortably. This is very good Overgrip for sweating absorption and moisture absorption also very stylish look.

Comes with 3 grips per pack and comes with white, black and white, orange colors. You can buy this for 5$.


Ashaway Crossfire 18 Kevlar Tennis String Review

For String breakers, this is the best gut most players recommended, because in this gut tension loss is minimal and its elasticity lasts a long time. Ashaway Crossfire 18 Kevlar Tennis String rated as the best durability string for so many years and that is a good certificate of this string. Hybrid string setup is more recommended to this string for power players (mix it up with a soft 17 or 18g string). With all qualities this string offers you a great playability (doesn’t go dead) and this string consider as “all in one package” because it offers you control, feel, bite, spin, touch, power and great durability.

There a small one disadvantage of this gut is some players (few) said that this is not good for arm and elbows. That means no arm friendly gut, but if you’re used to this there’s no problem with it (Use some less tension like 50lbs solve this problem). Comes with natural color and you can buy this for 9$.


Adidas Tennis Tie Headband Review

Most of long haired Pro players used this Adidas Tennis Tie Headband because of its comfort. It made out from 92% Polyester and 8% Lycra. This is very stylish headband comes with black and white colors, and when you wear it you look like a real pro tennis player coz it fits to head nicely. Currently Chile pro player Fernando Gonzalez uses this headband.

Adidas Tennis Tie Headband features embroidered Adidas logo on the center front and 40 inch long. You can buy this for nearly 13$.

Fernando Gonzalez


Yonex Pro Series 9 White Tennis Bag Review

Currently a Russian pro player Maria Kirilenko uses this bag. Yonex Pro Series 9 White Tennis Bag has very cute vivid and bright colors also this bag is very strong, lightweight and gives very soft feel with hefty material. Most of the pros like this because of the compartments of the bags are very roomy.

You can buy this bag in 75$ helps to carry all your stuffs. This can hold up to 9 rackets without covers in the main compartment. In the bottom there’s a separate compartment for your shoes and outer accessory pockets helps to carry your other gears like strings, Grips. Also this bag got a very comfortable backpack straps. Inside of this bag is light blue color that is very unique in this bag (most of the players love it).

Some other features of this bag is dimension L31in X H13 in X D13in and the bag mostly got white with Blue, Green, Lime colors.

Russian pro player Maria Kirilenko


Head Logo Tennis Vibration Dampener Review

This is very cheap tennis Vibration dampener you can buy this for 3.5$, and most of the players do not like this dampener at all because it fall off all the time and it is hard to find because of its color. Also this dampener do not do any big different when playing with this.

The good things of this dampener are it can easy to install the racket and it is cheap, this comes with reddish orange color.


Prince T22 Black Women Tennis Shoes Review

90% of players said that this Prince T22 Black Women’s shoes are the best shoes for them and other 10% said these shoes are worst. Players love this shoe because they can run fast with this shoe as its lighter weight of 15.6 ounces (size 10.5) (Also 13.8 ounces (size 8.5)). Also this shoe fit to foot very nicely and gives a great comfort for you (Specially Heel). Also this shoe does not need a break in time and give you very good stability while playing.

Some Player who using this shoe said that a foot is always hurts next day after the heavy practices. Also when playing with this shoe it is very warm to the feet and clunky.

This shoe comes with color black and you can buy this nearly 90$, in overall this is shoe very comfort soft feel shoe and shoe without powdery for women.


Gosen Nanoblend 17 Tennis String Review

Most of the players are using this gut as crossed and together with another gut (Combo). With combined another gut, Gosen Nanoblend 17 gives excellent feels at the nets and also it provides durability and control in any shots at the court (Ground Stroke & Serve). When playing with this gut it offers more spin and very soft feel.

This gut features with 1.24mm Gauge, 40feet Length. This comes with grey and Silver Colour and this made out from a special resin with nano carbon and coated with special film soft nylon coating. This is very cheap and you can buy this 10$.


Boris Becker Delta Core London Tennis Racket Review

Overall this racket this very soft feel, great control and plenty pop racket also this racket is amazingly arm and shoulder friendly racket. Boris Becker Delta Core London is best choice for 4.0+ players (Intermediate to advance players). This is very stable against the heavy balls also for the base line shots and net shots this gives very good control because of its lightweight. With this racket players can play more confidently n every shot. On the serve also very east to handle this racket and it offer good spin.

This racket featured with Head size 98 sq. in, Length 27 inches, Strung weight is 314.68g, Stiffness 63, String tension 50-60lbs and made out from Graphite/Delta core. You can buy this racket 180$.


ProAngle 6-Pack Bag for Tennis Professionals

This bag is newly arrived to the market and very stylish bag; I’m mostly like the colour combination of this bag (Very Professional). You can buy this bag by spending nearly $70. ProAngle 6-Pack Bag featured with “L29 inch X H11 inch X D10 inch”. Bag contains 4 compartments, 2 of them can use to put your rackets (without covers), 1 for your shoes and 1 for your other gears.
In the 2 racket compartments you can hold up to 6 rackets without covers. Separate shoe pocket gives you to put your shoes separate from others (cloths etc). And the other compartment you can use to hold String, Dampeners etc. Also Padded and Adjustable backpack straps gives you comfort carry of the bag. As you can see in the photos this bag comes with dark red and black. Best match for Pro-angle rackets.


Serving Rules in Tennis with Tennis Experts

A Serve is the most important shot and shot to start a point in tennis. If you’re a beginner to tennis, I hope that this is the difficult shot for you, but if you mastered the serve it will be a great advantage for your game.

This is the guide and rules to introduce tennis serve and rules. Serve is the only time you get totally control of a shot. All the other shots are reactions to what you’re opponent does. So you have to take the total advantage of this shot.

1. In tennis server got two attempts to serve, if server missed two chances then server loses the point. The server should have to start the serve behind the baseline. In the first serve of the point, server starts the serve with right hand side of the centre line and each point alternatively changes the sides.

2. When you serve, you have to serve diagonally opposing service box. If you miss your first chance it will called “fault” and then you allow to serve you’re second attempt. If you miss your second chance also it called a “double fault” and point will go to your opponent.

3. When you’re serving you have to aware of where to stand while serving. If you not stand in a correct way when ball contact the racket it will be a “foot fault” (when contact the ball you should remain behind the base line or in the air). Also if your feet touch the base line it also a “foot fault”. Also if your feet ahead of centre line or side line it also a “foot fault”. Foot fault also treated as the same way that fault, If foot fault occurs in your first service you will get the second service.

4. Another rule is “let”, if your serve contact with the net and landed to correct service box it will called a “let” and you can reserve that serve, but if your serve contact with net and landed anywhere else other than service box it treated as “fault”.

5. Ultimate goal of the serve is “ACE”, if you able to serve correct service box and if your opponent couldn’t contact the ball then it called as “ACE”. So you will win a point even your opponent contact the ball.

6. Another thing, if you do not like your toss you can catch the ball in the air and again bounce and toss the ball.

Watch the Video (highly recommended)


Fastest Serve in Tennis History from Andy Roddick

This record hold by American Tennis pro Andy Roddick, The record is 155 mph (249.5km/h) During the Davis cup 2004 against Vladimir Voltchkov. But actually the recorded fastest serve is in 1931 by Bill Tenden with 163.3 mph, but it was not counted as record that the technical issues of that time.

There are 5 players able to serve over 150 mpg,
  • Andy Roddick (155 mph) in 2004 -USA
  • Roscoe Tanner (153 mph) in 1978 -USA
  • Ivo Karlovic (153 mph) in 2007 -Croatia
  • Taylor Dent (150 mph) in 2010 -USA

Roscoe Tanner
Most of the records are hold by USA players. Andy Roddick got the record of fastest serve record and he won 2003 US open and 3 times Wimbledon Runner up also won 2004 Best male player award.
Women fastest record also hold by USA Tennis star Venus Williams with 130 mph in 2008.


Solinco Vanquish 16 Tennis String for don’t break

Solinco Vanquish is a new tennis string came to the market with prized as 12$. The players who using this gut said, that this gut provides lot of softer feel and arm friendly. I recommend this String for whom seeking soft feels, don’t break string and multi-filament touch and control.

This comes with Gauge 1.3mm, length 12.2m and the construction features Du Pont High Modulus polyamide multifilament core. Actually Solinco Vanquish is high performance with the reasonable price and gives good live playability as my view. This comes with natural color.


Tennis Eastern backhand Grip with Shaking Hands

If you want to play single-handed backhand shot, the grip is eastern backhand grip.This grip always teaches to tennis beginners because this is common traditional grip. To setup this grip is very easy; all you know “how to shake hands”, then you’re done.

Put your racket perpendicular to the court and then hold the racket handle as you shake hand with others. That’s it. So eastern back hand grip is same grip used in eastern forehand grip. This is the easiest way to hold racket in eastern backhand grip.

Watch the video you will learn the eastern grip in minute.


Rafael Nadal Paparazzi Videos

As we all know, Rafael Nadal is currently the world Rank one player. This is some videos of Nadal that Paparazzi took; this video contains some pictures and images.
In this video contains of Very funny and secret videos of Nadal and Federer.

Slazenger Boys Smash Series 25 Tennis Racquet for First time Tennis player

This racket is ideal for age 9-12 beginners for tennis. But Slazenger Boys Smash Series 25 Tennis Racquet is good for any first time tennis player in all ages. It featured with Height 47-54, very light weight and easy to hold that’s why I recommend this for small kids. For small kids they can get the smashing fun. You can but this racket for nearly 20$.


Pacific Classic Natural Tennis Gut 16 for Minimum Tension Loss

Most players using this gut said that this is very good gut for who seeking additional comfort from a natural gut and the best thing of this gut is minimum tension loss as I mentioned in the title. This is great change from the synthetic and players may realize quicker, acceleration and control with this gut.

This gut Gauge is 16L, length 41 feet and color also natural. This gut contains the TripleSeal technology (a special component of 3 different sealing processes for a clear and durable natural gut). This prized as nearly 27$ but this gut is Great value for the prize. Actually this is one of the best Natural gut for optimal comfort and durability.

find more Tennis Strings

Pete Sampras Tourna Vibration Dampener, Cheap and Best

Pete Sampras Tourna Vibration Dampener is cost around 3$. As it is coming with the 2 packs I think this is very cheap for their quality. Most of the player using this dampeners said this is excellent for reduce the shock and easy to install. Some players said that after some hard shots this dampener get loose but it can be easy to adjust.
Some players using this dampener said that red one is softer than the black one, but you can use this as you wish. While playing with this you will hear a nice pop off. Also most players like this donut shape.
 I will recommend this dampener for 20x18 string pattern because most of the players complaining about falling this occasionally but also they said though this is falling occasionally, this are best. 
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Mindset for Tennis Read Think to win-Allen Fox

Allen Fox- Think to win is a great book for learn Tennis from beginning. The author of this book Dr.Allen Fox is a former world class tennis player. In his career he achieved NCAA championship, Wimbledon quarterfinal and 3 times member of U.S Davis cup Team. Currently he is coaching tennis and gives consultants to tennis players.
As his experience and knowledge about mind leads a new approach of winning a game. So this mainly focuses on winning strategies of a tennis game. Also this book is a mindset book for tennis player, After read this you will think in a different angle in the match like as an example this book teach you where to hit the ball, when, how hard, Which strokes to choose under what conditions, How to attack an opponent’s weaknesses and How to play percentage tennis.
Actually this book not tells you all about grip and how to swing the racket for top spin, slice, etc. As an example this book said “if the ball lands in this area you have this option, this options are high percentage and this options are low percentage” and goes into details about certain scenario.
This book is published by 1993; with length 234mm and width 188mm also weight 399g.  This book contains of 208 pages and prized nearly 17$.

Did you read this book? Do comments.
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Rafael Nadal Becomes 7th man Who Won All Grand Slam Titles

After beating Novak Djokovic in US open 2010, Nadal joined the group of all grand slam tennis winners, before Nadal 
Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, Roy Emerson, Rod Laver, Don Budge and Fred Perry are already won 4 grand slam titles. 

Nadal beat Djokovic in 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, and 6-2. The rain interrupts the final but rain couldn't stop nadal's victory.

Congratulations Nadal.

Watch Match Highlights


Wilson Pro Soft Overgrip is slippery and offers a soft feel

This Wilson Pro Soft Overgrip has equally pros and cons. Most of 4.0, 4.5 players doesn’t like this grip because most of they said this grip is bit slippery and tend to get blisters. Also one of my friend said that when he hit the ball, the racket slips and causing shot to fly everywhere. After playing couple of games this grip turn to blackish color which makes it look dirty.

But some player feel the advantages of this grip like they feel very soft feel and also it absorb the sweat, also they said that they can play the entire match without changing the grip.

This comes with 3 grips pack, with black, gold, lime, orange and white colors. You can buy this with nearly 5$.


Head Murray Monstercombi 6 Pack Bag, Murray’s Choice

Actually you can see this bag on US open 2010, that why I decide to write a review about this bag. This is fully loaded bag made out from top quality materials. There is a special racket compartment features CCT (Climate Control Technology) in simple words this compartment can use to protect your rackets from extreme heat or cold. 

Altogether you can carry up 3-9 rackets (without covers) these compartments. Theirs is a large compartment for you to carry some addition clothes, shoes etc. Also there is a built in drink pocket. Also there is another large side pocket for your extra things (wet cloths, balls). Also this has very comfort backpack allows you to carry this easily.  Dimensions: L31 x H12.5 x D17.5 and comes with Orange/Black color. This can buy nearly 75 $. Buy and enjoy.


Luxilon Adrenaline 16 Tennis String offering Crisp feel

Actually players who using this racket said that this String gives more Control; also player who like power can take big cuts at the ball and can put the ball within the court. Also players who using Babolat pure Drive this is very good gut. Also when hitting the ball it gives more comfort and off the racket very crisply.

But some of players who using this gut got some elbow discomfort, they recommend use this string as hybrid. Also junior tennis players also said that this is very good gut to improve their skills for next level.  Also best thing is this is very cheap; you can buy this nearly $10. So if you willing to buy this, Gut got gauge 1.30mm, length 12.2m, Composition with Liquid crystalline polymer, Construction with Monofilament and comes with color grey. Hope you guys enjoy with this. 

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TECNIFIBRE X-CODE 17 Tennis String gives soft and Control


TECNIFIBRE X-CODE 17 Tennis String gives soft and Control

Tennis fans and players this is good news for you, a new tennis String brand cane to the market, I’m going to review about one of that String brand. Tecnifibre X-code 17 is the String that I’m going to review.  So this comes with color black with length 40 feet and the gauge of this is 1.25mm. The best thing of this String is Soft feel while playing. 

Unlike polyester it’s not harsh on the arms. Also players using this String said this gives very good control and always keep the shots inside the baseline. Composition of this is Polyurethane/Polyester   Multifilament. You can buy this for nearly 17$. Hope you’ll enjoy with this.


Nadal with 2010 FIFA World cup winners Spain team

These are some cute and nice pictures, I found in the internet that Nadal taken pictures with Spain Football team. Most of the pictures have taken with Iker Casillas (Spain foot ball team captain & Goal Keeper). Actually this is Spain’s first FIFA world champion, so there are celebrate it with a world class Tennis player Rafael Nadal.


Craziest Friendly Tennis Matches

This is very very crazy video a series of tennis matches, players are doing some crazy stuffs during the matches. Actually matches didn't play for a tornament. THis is absolute crazy.


Rafael Nadal Amazing Points

When I search thought the internet, I have found some amazing points won by Nadal. So I would like to share all these videos with you watch these videos, really amazing. Nadal fans and Tennis Lovers watch these.

rafael nadal VS Ferrer crazy point final in Roma 2010 wow

Novak Djokovic smiles after crazy point with the matador rafa NADAL in Madrid arabic commentator

rafael nadal crazy point banana shot with cool commentator ROMA ARABIC aljazirah

nadal vs djokovic monte carlo 2009 ( amazing point )


Legend Pete Sampras in Wimbledon DVD

Pete Sampras is a legend of tennis also he is the greatest Men’s Champion of Wimbledon. This DVD runs around 60 minutes. In this DVD take you through the decorated career of Sampras. Also all the Wimbledon final and very rare moment with seventh and record breaking title in 2000 in this DVD watch this

Venus Williams Wears a Racy Dress in Roland Garros 2010

In Roland Garros first round match, Venus Williams VS Patty Schnyder, The seven time Grand slam champion came to the court with wearing a lacy; block dress with bright red trim on her bodice. The black overlay material made the dress appears as if it was see through, even it was not. Venus won this match 6-3, 6-3. Also she said that she comes to the tournament with 8-10 outfits.