Never Popped Out Forten Worm 2 Dampener Review

Forten Worm 2 is very good dampener before 2, 3 years back. Currently problem of this dampener is this made out from very weaker materials and also less quality. The good thing of this dampener is this is never popped out from your racket while you playing. The dampener stays at the right place till you take it off. Another good feature of this dampener is the plastic hook (end of the dampener) is very solid not like other “hook on” dampeners (the hook can be easily break). So with these good features of Forten Worm 2 you can play your game without pain and without worry about the dampener. Most experience players used this dampener said that this cancels all the uncomfortable vibrations and annoying sounds, so this dampener suits for all around players.
Finally if you’re playing with very fast serves and shots please try to buy a quality Forten worm 2 dampener. Highly recommend to leisure tennis players. When you inserting this to racket do the proper instructions else this will break. You can buy this for 5$.


For Humid Conditions and Extra Tackiness Klip Kobra Overgrip

Klip Kobra Overgrip is a very good overgrip but it is not famous as other overgrips. The best feature of this over grip is it offers a long lasting tackiness. This grip is not cushioned as some other grips but most of the players like this because of the extra tackiness, soft and comfort. Above characteristic of this grip leads you a comfortable tennis game. Some players have complained about the durability of this overgrip because of the lost of tackiness within few hours of play. But for me it is solid and gives great comfort. This is very good overgrip for especially humid conditions. You can buy this for 4$ and available in black, grey and orange colors. There are 3 grips per pack.

Bug Free Tommy Robredo Choice, Dunlop Biomimetic 600 Racket

Before you buy a tennis racket, always you seek for a good guarantee about the racket. Spain pro player Tommy Robredo is currently using this Dunlop Biomimetic 600 racket so you have good guarantee of this racket. First i have to say is this is all around good racket. The special feature of this racket is it got 102 Sq.In head size. Most of the players using this racket said that this stick is good for every tennis shots, at the nets it is so fast and good power, in ground strokes is it offers very good directional accuracy and great spin and also you can easily obtain the kick serve and flat serve with spin. Actually this is bug free excellent choice for you. This racket got Dunlop special AeroSkin technology it’ll enhance maneuverability of this racket. Some other features of this racket is,

Strung Weight: 294.84g
Length: 27in
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
String Tension: 55-65 pounds
Price: $170


Choice of High School Tennis Girls, Court Couture Cassanova Scarlet Red Bag

As i mentioned in the topic this is great choice for especially busy high school girls and also working leisure women tennis players. Most of the high school girls don’t like to carry a huge tennis bag to their lectures, so this is the best solution for them. They can use the main compartment to put their school stuffs like books, laptops. In the main pocket there are special water bottle holder and two inner pockets. In the racket compartment, can put 2 rackets and there are 3 outer accessory pockets can use to put other tennis gears (Strings, Grips). Actually main compartment have enough room to put the shoes with the learning materials (but try to put the shoes in a separate cover and put in the main compartment).
High school girls are always like to do styles. You can see in the image below this is very stylish bag with good durability so that style problem also solved in this bag. The good news is there is another separate cosmetics case (In the image the small bag) for you with the same style to put your phone, money, keys. You can easily carry this bag by put up your shoulders. Dimension of this bag is H16" x W20" x D6". And also this bag made out from very good materials you can use this for long time without damage. You can buy this for 200$ and comes with scarlet red w/Black color with white striped cotton lining. So girls give a try.

Cheap Gut Toalson Leoina 77 for String Breakers

The developers (Leona 66) of this string said that this gut provides good playability and speed. This gut is not mostly famous among tennis players but there are so many good features come with this Toalson Leoina 77. For my view this is excellent string for playability as mentioned by the developers but it has problems with the durability. If you’re average player and frequent string breaker this gut is for you because this is cheap (4$). Also this gut provides average performance with your shots (speed, power, spin).
Features of this gut are gauge 1.3mm (16), length 12m (40feet), made out from Nylon centre core with 2 outer wraps and comes with natural color.


Pop out Easily Babolat IG System Damp Black Dampener

Most players, who used this dampener, said that this is not good dampener, because this dampener pops out easily. So keep the concentration on the match is really hard because always have to keep worrying about dampener popping out. In the middle of the dampener it has a blue gel piece and it also wouldn’t stay on the strings and popped out frequently. For 80% of players this is time consuming and waste of money.
But with 16X19 string pattern and 16 gauge strings this dampener feels good and never falls out frequently. The gel piece is help to get the maximum absorption and recommend stretching out to span 8 strings. Babolat IG System Damp Black dampener helps to enhance to power and spin with average dampens. This comes with 1 dampener per pack and comes with black color. You can buy this for 6$.

Offer Large Sweet Spot Prince EXO3 Hybrid Gold 107 Racket

The best thing of this racket is it has perfect suspension system. And also it provides sweet spot enhancement (Many other rackets do not deliver it). When you smash the ball, it gives you very comfortable softer feel because of this suspension system of this Price EX03 hybrid gold racket. This is perfect lightweight (Strung weight 272.16g) racket for beginner to intermediate players. Actually i recommend this racket for that who seeking lightweight racket with mixes power with control. The enhanced sweet spot of this Prince EXO3 Hybrid Gold 107 Racket offers you helping to keep the shot on target. At the nets also this racket act as perfect with powerful feel.

Some features of this racket are head size 107 Sq.In, Length 68.58cm, Strung weight 272.16g, String patter 16 main X 19 Crosses, String tension 50-60lbs. You can buy this racket 160$. 

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Too Small Tennis Bag Babolat Team Line Back Pack Review

As i mentioned in the topic this bag has big complains about its size. Babolat said that Racket compartment can hold up to 2 rackets (Without covers) but it is very difficult to put 2 rackets in racket compartment, it is very tight for 2 rackets. The front compartment also has very little room to put other gears. So with this bag there’s a big issue with space. Dimensions of this bag are H18”X W13”X D9”.

There are good features of this bag. This bag got a zippered handle cover to keep sticks dry in a rain. Also padded backing and straps gives you a comfortable carry with this bag. There is a main compartment (not racket compartment) can use to put your cloths and pair of shoes. Altogether there are 6 compartments (Racket compartment, Main Compartment, 4 accessories Compartment). This comes with color Blue and Black you can buy this for 50$.

Sampras Choice Tourna Original XXL Overgrip for Hot Steamy Weather

This Tourna Overgrip is the choice of legendary tennis player Pete Sampras (World rank 1- 6 in a raw) and Bryan Brothers (US rank 1 doubles). So you have a good guarantee to buy this Overgrip. Also this is Old grip (old product) but gives the amazing playability. 

A small problem in this grip is, apply for the racket is somewhat difficult. If you do not apply the grip properly then there may be some crinkles. This is good tacky grip that stay at the place without slipping. And also perfect grip in hot steamy weather, when your hands are sweaty this will not leads to slippery of the racket so it will gives comfortable feel. This will comes with color blue and 3 grips per package. You can buy this for 4$ (Very Cheap).One grip is length 100cm and width 35mm.


Cheap Poly String Solinco Outlast 16 Review

As i mentioned in the topic this is very cheap gut for polyester tennis string. Some users of this string said that this is best for spin also power. Control is not an additional feature of this but it gives good average control while playing with this. Unlike other polyester guts this gives much softer feel. Also it has good pop and great bite on ball. Stiffness of this gut is average (medium) and very durable string. Good for all courts and you can buy this for just 8$.Some features of this gut are this string gauge 1.3mm, Length 12.2m and comes with color red.


All Around Competitive Stick for Junior, Babolat Drive Z Lite Cortex Racket

This is All around tennis racket mostly suits to players who are between age 11 to 13 with good skills. This racket is famous around women tennis players as the lightweight and performance. Unstrung weight is 255g and Strung weight is 275g.

This racket is good for ground strokes, Volleys and serve, but there’s small problem with topspin shot because more topspin shots don’t go the distance that they need to go. This happens because of the lightweight, that’s why this racket recommends for kids.

This racket contains a technology called “cortex” simply it helps to absorb the vibration but it preferred to use a dampener (Select good Dampener). Also with all the technologies this is very arm friendly racket. For some players this lightweight is a problem, but don’t worry because most of the weight is in the head of the racket (head-heavy racket) and which avoid this lightweight feel.

Some features of this rackets are head size 100 Sq.In, Length 69cm, Composition 100% Graphite, String pattern 16X19, Tension 50-60lbs. You can buy this racket for 150$.