Serving Rules in Tennis with Tennis Experts

A Serve is the most important shot and shot to start a point in tennis. If you’re a beginner to tennis, I hope that this is the difficult shot for you, but if you mastered the serve it will be a great advantage for your game.

This is the guide and rules to introduce tennis serve and rules. Serve is the only time you get totally control of a shot. All the other shots are reactions to what you’re opponent does. So you have to take the total advantage of this shot.

1. In tennis server got two attempts to serve, if server missed two chances then server loses the point. The server should have to start the serve behind the baseline. In the first serve of the point, server starts the serve with right hand side of the centre line and each point alternatively changes the sides.

2. When you serve, you have to serve diagonally opposing service box. If you miss your first chance it will called “fault” and then you allow to serve you’re second attempt. If you miss your second chance also it called a “double fault” and point will go to your opponent.

3. When you’re serving you have to aware of where to stand while serving. If you not stand in a correct way when ball contact the racket it will be a “foot fault” (when contact the ball you should remain behind the base line or in the air). Also if your feet touch the base line it also a “foot fault”. Also if your feet ahead of centre line or side line it also a “foot fault”. Foot fault also treated as the same way that fault, If foot fault occurs in your first service you will get the second service.

4. Another rule is “let”, if your serve contact with the net and landed to correct service box it will called a “let” and you can reserve that serve, but if your serve contact with net and landed anywhere else other than service box it treated as “fault”.

5. Ultimate goal of the serve is “ACE”, if you able to serve correct service box and if your opponent couldn’t contact the ball then it called as “ACE”. So you will win a point even your opponent contact the ball.

6. Another thing, if you do not like your toss you can catch the ball in the air and again bounce and toss the ball.

Watch the Video (highly recommended)


Fastest Serve in Tennis History from Andy Roddick

This record hold by American Tennis pro Andy Roddick, The record is 155 mph (249.5km/h) During the Davis cup 2004 against Vladimir Voltchkov. But actually the recorded fastest serve is in 1931 by Bill Tenden with 163.3 mph, but it was not counted as record that the technical issues of that time.

There are 5 players able to serve over 150 mpg,
  • Andy Roddick (155 mph) in 2004 -USA
  • Roscoe Tanner (153 mph) in 1978 -USA
  • Ivo Karlovic (153 mph) in 2007 -Croatia
  • Taylor Dent (150 mph) in 2010 -USA

Roscoe Tanner
Most of the records are hold by USA players. Andy Roddick got the record of fastest serve record and he won 2003 US open and 3 times Wimbledon Runner up also won 2004 Best male player award.
Women fastest record also hold by USA Tennis star Venus Williams with 130 mph in 2008.


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Tennis Eastern backhand Grip with Shaking Hands

If you want to play single-handed backhand shot, the grip is eastern backhand grip.This grip always teaches to tennis beginners because this is common traditional grip. To setup this grip is very easy; all you know “how to shake hands”, then you’re done.

Put your racket perpendicular to the court and then hold the racket handle as you shake hand with others. That’s it. So eastern back hand grip is same grip used in eastern forehand grip. This is the easiest way to hold racket in eastern backhand grip.

Watch the video you will learn the eastern grip in minute.


Rafael Nadal Paparazzi Videos

As we all know, Rafael Nadal is currently the world Rank one player. This is some videos of Nadal that Paparazzi took; this video contains some pictures and images.
In this video contains of Very funny and secret videos of Nadal and Federer.

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