Head Murray Monstercombi 6 Pack Bag, Murray’s Choice

Actually you can see this bag on US open 2010, that why I decide to write a review about this bag. This is fully loaded bag made out from top quality materials. There is a special racket compartment features CCT (Climate Control Technology) in simple words this compartment can use to protect your rackets from extreme heat or cold. 

Altogether you can carry up 3-9 rackets (without covers) these compartments. Theirs is a large compartment for you to carry some addition clothes, shoes etc. Also there is a built in drink pocket. Also there is another large side pocket for your extra things (wet cloths, balls). Also this has very comfort backpack allows you to carry this easily.  Dimensions: L31 x H12.5 x D17.5 and comes with Orange/Black color. This can buy nearly 75 $. Buy and enjoy.

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Jennifer said...

What a great choice!!! This tennis bag is amazing.. looks great. It's features are excellent and comfortable for you.

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