Fake Tennis Racket ,Babolat Aero Pro

This Babolat Aero Pro fake racket is look so same as the original racket but there are some identified errors in Fake Babolat fake racket.  When you want to buy a racket, do some research about that racket because there are so many fake stuffs at the market with very less cost
There are some differences in fake and original

  • In Babolat fake aero pro racket has heavy head. But the original racket is very good balanced racket. Like in this picture in fake racket head is heavy.

  • In the Babolat original racket all the wording of the racket contains Silver or gleam, but in fakes the wording done in dull Grey color finish. (Including logos)

  • In the fake the yellow coloring is identical and the white color is brighter. But in genuine instead of white color there is a yellow mix white color.

  • In the fake racket the Grommets are different in color. It is black instead of Grey and very low quality. Also the pattern of the grommet is different to original racket.

  • In the fake racket the TM logo is inside the grommet section but in the genuine TM logo is in outer side of the frame. And also the letter “T” like in the picture in genuine the last “T” printed inner section of the grommet grooves.

  • In original racket the butt cap is deeper red in color and contains product code.

  • Also the racket covers of fake in more lightly than original. And also the label “Aero Series” is in yellow color, but in the original the word “series” in green color also much heavier than fake cover. Also the zipper of fake is noticeably thin and very low quality.

  • In the fake racket the specs section is out of alignment. You can see the different if fake and original in the picture.

  • If you already bought the racket one possible way to check “is it fake or not”. Babolat usually has two serial holograms on the racket one is in the section of racket throat and other one in the handle, only can access to it when you remove the original grip.  

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