Fastest Serve in Tennis History from Andy Roddick

This record hold by American Tennis pro Andy Roddick, The record is 155 mph (249.5km/h) During the Davis cup 2004 against Vladimir Voltchkov. But actually the recorded fastest serve is in 1931 by Bill Tenden with 163.3 mph, but it was not counted as record that the technical issues of that time.

There are 5 players able to serve over 150 mpg,
  • Andy Roddick (155 mph) in 2004 -USA
  • Roscoe Tanner (153 mph) in 1978 -USA
  • Ivo Karlovic (153 mph) in 2007 -Croatia
  • Taylor Dent (150 mph) in 2010 -USA

Roscoe Tanner
Most of the records are hold by USA players. Andy Roddick got the record of fastest serve record and he won 2003 US open and 3 times Wimbledon Runner up also won 2004 Best male player award.
Women fastest record also hold by USA Tennis star Venus Williams with 130 mph in 2008.

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