Offer Large Sweet Spot Prince EXO3 Hybrid Gold 107 Racket

The best thing of this racket is it has perfect suspension system. And also it provides sweet spot enhancement (Many other rackets do not deliver it). When you smash the ball, it gives you very comfortable softer feel because of this suspension system of this Price EX03 hybrid gold racket. This is perfect lightweight (Strung weight 272.16g) racket for beginner to intermediate players. Actually i recommend this racket for that who seeking lightweight racket with mixes power with control. The enhanced sweet spot of this Prince EXO3 Hybrid Gold 107 Racket offers you helping to keep the shot on target. At the nets also this racket act as perfect with powerful feel.

Some features of this racket are head size 107 Sq.In, Length 68.58cm, Strung weight 272.16g, String patter 16 main X 19 Crosses, String tension 50-60lbs. You can buy this racket 160$. 

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