Head Microgel Midplus Radical Tennis Racket Review

If you’re finding a quality racket with cheap prize this is the best solution for you. It gives very good feel and control with your ground strokes and serves but little bit issue with power. Not like other head radical rackets, in this racket swing weight is very light, therefore fast. Highly recommend lower tension, it will reduce the impact of the arm and performs better.

Some players complained that bit stiff in this racket while playing. So recommend removing the strings it comes with and put a decent string (Select good String).that is first thing you should have to do when you buy this racket. Also it may took little amount of time to used with this stick, so be calm. Overall very impressive stick and it'll improve your game in ways that will surprise you.

Some features of this racket are head size 98 Sq.In, Length 27 in, Strung weight 312g, Stiffness 57, composition Micro gel/Graphite, Spin speed fast and Low power. You can buy this nearly 90$ and it doesn’t comes with a racket cover. 

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