Babolat XS 109 Racket, for Recreational Tennis

This racket is Babolat made out for player who playing recreational tennis game. This racket got the head size 700 cm2 and length 690 mm. The String pattern of this racket is 16x20 and the strung weight is 9 oz. This is made out from 100% Graphite. 
This Babolat XS 190 is a good racket for players who have short strokes, and also this is an intermediate racket made for high performance and playability for day-today players who play tennis for enjoy.
This racket contains some Babolat technologies to increase the performance. The Smart Grip technology allows good contact with the palm and handle for comfortable grip and also increase power and control. Also this racket has XTRA sweetspot technology to increase trampoline effect and for great tolerance. This XTRA sweetspot technology allows for longer contact between ball and the string for more control.
So I recommend this racket for players who seeking good control, comfort and power for day-today tennis play. This racket prized nearly $150.    
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