Scoring tie break in Tennis

I think you already know about the normal scoring way of tennis. So tie break means if the score of both players become 6 that mean score reach 6-6, the players have to play the tie break. The first player, who scores 7 point, wins the game but winning player must win by 2 points (ex: 7-6, 8-10).

By checking which player, who would serve the next match in regular play gets one service. He has to serve in ad side. Then give the next player two services. He has to beginning serve in the deuce side. In tie break scores point by point. Players have to change the side by total point equal to 6, so first side change doing after put 6 services in tie break.

In 1965, the tie break was invented by James Van Alen, and 1971 it introduced to the Wimbledon tennis.

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