Never Popped Out Forten Worm 2 Dampener Review

Forten Worm 2 is very good dampener before 2, 3 years back. Currently problem of this dampener is this made out from very weaker materials and also less quality. The good thing of this dampener is this is never popped out from your racket while you playing. The dampener stays at the right place till you take it off. Another good feature of this dampener is the plastic hook (end of the dampener) is very solid not like other “hook on” dampeners (the hook can be easily break). So with these good features of Forten Worm 2 you can play your game without pain and without worry about the dampener. Most experience players used this dampener said that this cancels all the uncomfortable vibrations and annoying sounds, so this dampener suits for all around players.
Finally if you’re playing with very fast serves and shots please try to buy a quality Forten worm 2 dampener. Highly recommend to leisure tennis players. When you inserting this to racket do the proper instructions else this will break. You can buy this for 5$.

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