Great Hybrid Option Forten Kevlar Thin Blend Tennis String

First I have to say about this string is this is great. Most of the players like this because not only for the price, but also because it is great string. I recommend this gut use as a hybrid stringing. If you want great feel with your topspin, forehands, serve this gut should be your choice. Also offers you great spin and also durability are the main features of this Forten Kevlar Thin Blend Tennis String. Forten popular thin Kevlar hybrid provides you nice mix with playability and durability. Choose this to play tennis without pain in your shots with cheap price. Some features of this gut are Gauge: Kevlar main strings: 18 gauge / Synthetic Gut cross strings: 17 gauge, Length: Mains: 22 feet / Crosses: 20 feet and comes with Copper/White colors. You can buy this for nearly 6$.

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Brad Green - Racket Barn said...

I am not a big fan of kevlar but I do have to say that the thin blend is a lot better!

I get a lot more feel with it and seem to brush up on the ball a lot better. My deep shots are dipping in with more spin which is great!