Portable tennis ball machine

Wilson portable tennis ball machine has 110 ball capacities and also it has 10-70 MPH ball ejection speed (low speed good for young player and high speed good for professional players), also this has adjustable spin control for topspin and backspin. This machine has 1.5 balls/second balls feed rate and user can play 3-4 hours typical. After play machine has to recharge 12 hours typical. This machine is very good for practice variable ground strokes to lob include overheads and this has built-on oscillator.

Ball machine will cost around $950. The best feature of this machine is it is actual portability. This is 38 lbs weight and compact (22``L*14``W*20``H). And also it has towing wheels to enhance portability. This has single electronic control panel and one year international warranty.

Buy it from:http:www.tennis-warehouse.com

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