Light Weight Tennis Racket - Boris Becker Delta Core 3

This racket is very good for players who seeking for light weight with more stability and power like a heavier racket. This racket has 110 in2 head size gives more powerful. Boris Backer racket created with new 3 technologies “Double Rail Technology”, “Delta Core” and “sensor plus handle system”. This DRT technology at 3 and 9 o’clock features two braces, which strengthen the racket also helping to resist twisting. Delta core Technology means Carbon nanotubes placed in the triangular shape, it gives stronger frame, creates arm friendly hit, absorb vibrations. The Delta core 3 is good for base line shots.

Players who using this racket said that this racket has touch, power and also this is good for drop shot. With all this performance some players said that there is recognizable air-resistance of oversize head during the serve so that is disadvantage.

Also this is very good racket for tennis beginners. And if you use this for first time you will be amaze.

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Jennifer said...

Well, I purchased it 3 weeks, so beautiful. I like it. It is very similar in size and comes in various colors which you need. I love this design.

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