Topspin Cyber Blue Tennis String 17

Most of the players who use this string recommend that this is very good string for topspin and control. Also who seeking power this string is better. Topspin Cyb-er Blue String 17 is very arm friendly string. The composition of this string is Polyester and the color is Ice Blue. Also Gauge is 1.25mm and length 40 feet.

When you playing tennis this string offers you very good power and spin but they are not durable and lose tension quickly, that is a small bug of this string. Also if you put high tension (like 62) to this string, it will give excellent comfort with your all strokes but it will brake soon. Most of the strings made out from Polyester feel great on ground strokes, volleys but bad for serve but Topspin Cyber Blue String 17 gives same comfort as other polyester string also this allows for a great serve. Most of players gave very good comment about this string, try it. Also this is very cheap string, you can buy it for nearly 9$.

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