Powerangle Pro Tennis Racket with Diagonal String Pattern

The best feature of this racket is the diagonal string pattern. This is unique racket in the market as its diagonal string pattern.  All power angel rackets feature equal length strings that run though the stringbed.16x16 diagonal string pattern is in the racket. This is a normal regular racket like other rackets excluding the string pattern. This racket got good power and also ball jumps off with lot of spin and speed.
This is very spin friendly racket. With the string tension 67lbs this gives more control and power (it depends on players). With the volleying also this racket gives good control. And also with the serve also this gives very good power and spin. In powerangle pro two rows of diagonal mains and no crosses provide the power and a super-wide string pattern allows you to shape the shots. Good news for tennis elbow guys is this is good arm friendly racket.
Do you fear to trying something different? Is this common brand name? But this racket is a winner. Summarize of this racket is this is great racket, Amazing   on arms—no any pains, Great spin, and good controllable power.  On the court Pro feels very comfortable with easy access to pace on a long swing. Recommend for 4.0+ players.

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