Mindset for Tennis Read Think to win-Allen Fox

Allen Fox- Think to win is a great book for learn Tennis from beginning. The author of this book Dr.Allen Fox is a former world class tennis player. In his career he achieved NCAA championship, Wimbledon quarterfinal and 3 times member of U.S Davis cup Team. Currently he is coaching tennis and gives consultants to tennis players.
As his experience and knowledge about mind leads a new approach of winning a game. So this mainly focuses on winning strategies of a tennis game. Also this book is a mindset book for tennis player, After read this you will think in a different angle in the match like as an example this book teach you where to hit the ball, when, how hard, Which strokes to choose under what conditions, How to attack an opponent’s weaknesses and How to play percentage tennis.
Actually this book not tells you all about grip and how to swing the racket for top spin, slice, etc. As an example this book said “if the ball lands in this area you have this option, this options are high percentage and this options are low percentage” and goes into details about certain scenario.
This book is published by 1993; with length 234mm and width 188mm also weight 399g.  This book contains of 208 pages and prized nearly 17$.

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