Tight Start for Sharapova with Heather Watson in US Open 2011

Among these 2 player as we all know Maria Sharapova is the most experienced player. Most of the spectators(Including me) expected an easy match for Sharapova. Nature can change, in the first set Heather Watson never give any chance to Sharapova and won the set with 6-3. The second set was very close set, both player fight with their talents to beat each other. Finally experienced Sharapova won the set 7-5. Third set full belongs to Sharapova with 6-3. So final score is 6-3, 5-7, 3-6 to Sharapova. The duration of this match is 2 hr 34 min, so you can think how close this match is. Actually this is a tight start for Sharapova.

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