Yonex Ultimum RD Ti 80 Tennis Racket gives Heavy Feel

This racket is mostly suits to 5+ players and not for beginners. If you need somewhat heavier racket with all the qualities I think this racket is your best choice. It does everything for you if you’re an active player. Most pro players using this racket said that this stick best for hitting drop shots, Slice, and heavy topspin shot also for volleys.

If you’re beginner, with this racket you feel some stiff feel and heavy so beginners don’t use this racket. But for 5+ players this is very secret weapon can use because if you have perfect ball timing, head speed and good control with the ball then you can play very comfortable and stable with this stick(Racket helps to play your full game). Some players like this racket because of its great cosmetics.

This racket featured with 12.1oz (343.03g) weight, 98sq.in head size, length 68.58cm and String tension 55-65lbs. You can buy this for 180$ and if you’re good player you must try this stick.

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