KFactor Surge Wilson Racket

  • Size: 5(Medium)
  • Head size: 100in2
  • Length: 27in
  • Unstrung: -Weight: 279g, Balance: 33cm
  • Strung: -Weight: 295g, Balance: 34cmGrip size: 4-4-5/8
  • Cross section: 26mm Flat Beam
  • Recommended string: Wilson Premium String
  • Recommended grip: True grip
  • String pattern: 16x19
  • Tension: 53-63 lbs
  • Composition: 70% [k]arophite Black / 30% Graphite

This racket is very spin friendly racket. When hitting topspin and slice ground strokes and serves, the players found good action on their shots. Also this racket is very good for placement shots. This racket has excellent manoeuvrability; it helps easy access for racket speed & impressive pace and spin off the ground and on serve and this racket is very comfort and stabilize. Also this is a light weight racket. The players who need high weight racket this is not suitable. This is a very good racket for intermediate level players seeking a blend of mobility spin & control from their racket.

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