Tennis Rules (Easy to learn Tennis)

Rule1: Receiver has to stand opposite side and the cross court from the server. The one who delivers the ball first called server. The one who face the ball called receiver.

Rule2: Who serve first, Receive, chooses the side or give this choice to the opponent is decided by the toss of coin or racket. If some one won the toss and he decide to serve or receive then the opponent get the chance to select the side to start.

Rule3: When playing single match the server should stand within the boundaries of single side line and center line also behind the base line. When playing double server should stand within center line and double side line. Also if total games they play equal to odd number then they have to change their sides.

Rule4: The server should not serve before the receiver is ready. The server should have serve to the opponent’s cross court service box. If receiver plays the shot before ball bounce on the service area server get a point. If server misses his target twice a time he/she lost a point. If the ball hit the net & goes to the correct service box he get another service. If service not goes to the correct service box we called it as “fault”.

Rule5: when we consider about scoring, the server’s score always call first. If server took a point his score id 15.opponent is “love” then the points count 15,30,40 if some one reaches 40 he/she wins the game. If the score is 40-40 then it called “deuce”. Then one must win by two points. “Advantage in” means if server takes one point he/she win. “Advantage out” means if receiver wins next point he/she win that game.

Rule6: Service should have to change game by game. The one who win 6 games win the set and one who win 2 sets win the match. If the game score is 6-6 then we have to go to the “tie break”. In tie break point count by one’s the one who win 7 points win the set. If tie break also equal the one who win the tie break by 2 win the set.

Rule7: If ball goes out side, ball hits the net and drop on his court, racket/player touches the net, racket drops, hit the ball in the surroundings, ball touch his partner’s body the player who hit the ball loose a point.

Rule8: The “let” called if the ball rolls on the court or distraction of besides the players in the court. The ball land on line is good also if balls hit the net and go to the opponent court also good.

Rule9. If players serve out of turn or serve to the wrong person or court, the point or game will stand and order will be resumed following the point or game

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