Serena Williams The Fashion Designer

Her full name is Serena Jameka Williams and she born September 26, 1981. She is currently women’s rank 1 player and she is an American player. When talking about her personal life style “fashion” is a best part of it. Serena said that she practice hard to become a good Tennis player but she don’t work hard to become a designer. And also she said that she born to be designer. She loving tennis more than designing, because when she designing she getting more nervous than playing tennis. In 2004 us open she faced a problem with tournament officers that they didn’t allow Serena to wear the Keen-high boots during the matches. This is just one time; she faced lot of problems with her Dressing.

In 2004 April she signed a bond with Nike worth US$40 millions and before it she has a line with PUMA. She also has her own designer apparel called “Aneres”. “Aneres” name created by spelled Serena backward consists of 41 different costumes mostly purple and green. (Serena thinks that purple and green are very hot colors) Also she started a signature collection of jewelry and handbags in 2009. She is some what fat but she has a perfect shaped body. When she plays tennis she looks awesome with her dressing. Serena said that she likes her body well also to be healthy have to beautiful inside and outside both. Also she worried about her thighs as they are too big, also arms as they too thick. So this about the Serena's off the court fashion life.

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