Ashaway Crossfire 18 Kevlar Tennis String Review

For String breakers, this is the best gut most players recommended, because in this gut tension loss is minimal and its elasticity lasts a long time. Ashaway Crossfire 18 Kevlar Tennis String rated as the best durability string for so many years and that is a good certificate of this string. Hybrid string setup is more recommended to this string for power players (mix it up with a soft 17 or 18g string). With all qualities this string offers you a great playability (doesn’t go dead) and this string consider as “all in one package” because it offers you control, feel, bite, spin, touch, power and great durability.

There a small one disadvantage of this gut is some players (few) said that this is not good for arm and elbows. That means no arm friendly gut, but if you’re used to this there’s no problem with it (Use some less tension like 50lbs solve this problem). Comes with natural color and you can buy this for 9$.

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