Dunlop Biamimetic Red 10 Pack Bag Thermal Insulated

The main features of this bag are the thermal insulted main compartment and the mass storage. The thermal insulted compartment can use to protect your racket in hot conditions and also you can put up your drinks. For comfort journey with this bag there’s a padded and adjustable backpack straps, middle grab handle and quick grab handle. Another added feature of this bag is there are two accessory compartments you can use to put up your Strings, Dampeners, and Mobile ect...

Small problem is there’s no any separate compartment for shoes, but you can use one of accessory packet or other compartment for this. Two main racket compartments featured with this bag and one can hold 3 rackets and other can hold 2 rackets. You can buy this nearly 80$ and comes with Red, Black, white colors.

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