Sampras Choice Tourna Original XXL Overgrip for Hot Steamy Weather

This Tourna Overgrip is the choice of legendary tennis player Pete Sampras (World rank 1- 6 in a raw) and Bryan Brothers (US rank 1 doubles). So you have a good guarantee to buy this Overgrip. Also this is Old grip (old product) but gives the amazing playability. 

A small problem in this grip is, apply for the racket is somewhat difficult. If you do not apply the grip properly then there may be some crinkles. This is good tacky grip that stay at the place without slipping. And also perfect grip in hot steamy weather, when your hands are sweaty this will not leads to slippery of the racket so it will gives comfortable feel. This will comes with color blue and 3 grips per package. You can buy this for 4$ (Very Cheap).One grip is length 100cm and width 35mm.

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