All Around Competitive Stick for Junior, Babolat Drive Z Lite Cortex Racket

This is All around tennis racket mostly suits to players who are between age 11 to 13 with good skills. This racket is famous around women tennis players as the lightweight and performance. Unstrung weight is 255g and Strung weight is 275g.

This racket is good for ground strokes, Volleys and serve, but there’s small problem with topspin shot because more topspin shots don’t go the distance that they need to go. This happens because of the lightweight, that’s why this racket recommends for kids.

This racket contains a technology called “cortex” simply it helps to absorb the vibration but it preferred to use a dampener (Select good Dampener). Also with all the technologies this is very arm friendly racket. For some players this lightweight is a problem, but don’t worry because most of the weight is in the head of the racket (head-heavy racket) and which avoid this lightweight feel.

Some features of this rackets are head size 100 Sq.In, Length 69cm, Composition 100% Graphite, String pattern 16X19, Tension 50-60lbs. You can buy this racket for 150$.

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