Bug Free Tommy Robredo Choice, Dunlop Biomimetic 600 Racket

Before you buy a tennis racket, always you seek for a good guarantee about the racket. Spain pro player Tommy Robredo is currently using this Dunlop Biomimetic 600 racket so you have good guarantee of this racket. First i have to say is this is all around good racket. The special feature of this racket is it got 102 Sq.In head size. Most of the players using this racket said that this stick is good for every tennis shots, at the nets it is so fast and good power, in ground strokes is it offers very good directional accuracy and great spin and also you can easily obtain the kick serve and flat serve with spin. Actually this is bug free excellent choice for you. This racket got Dunlop special AeroSkin technology it’ll enhance maneuverability of this racket. Some other features of this racket is,

Strung Weight: 294.84g
Length: 27in
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
String Tension: 55-65 pounds
Price: $170

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