Pop out Easily Babolat IG System Damp Black Dampener

Most players, who used this dampener, said that this is not good dampener, because this dampener pops out easily. So keep the concentration on the match is really hard because always have to keep worrying about dampener popping out. In the middle of the dampener it has a blue gel piece and it also wouldn’t stay on the strings and popped out frequently. For 80% of players this is time consuming and waste of money.
But with 16X19 string pattern and 16 gauge strings this dampener feels good and never falls out frequently. The gel piece is help to get the maximum absorption and recommend stretching out to span 8 strings. Babolat IG System Damp Black dampener helps to enhance to power and spin with average dampens. This comes with 1 dampener per pack and comes with black color. You can buy this for 6$.

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